15W 450nm 40mm Laser Module DIY CNC Engraver fixed-focus


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15W 450nm Laser Head Use for CNC 3018 Pro fixed-focus TTL/PWM 15000mW blue laser module laser cutter for CNC engraving machine


The laser can engraving on stainless steel but I suggest the stainless steel is better have coating!

–Laser module power is relatively large, only for industrial use, to prohibit the exposure of the eye, otherwise it will cause permanent blindness, the consequences at your own risk.

–Do not use in flammable and gas atmospheres to avoid fire and explosion

–Prohibit children from exposure to this laser product.

–Do not open the module to avoid damage.



15W 450nm Laser Head It can be used on 2419, S1, L3 , 6550, 1m*1m machine, you can contact us before make the order.




–Laser wavelength: 450 nm (blue viole)

–Spot type: Dotted

–Light power: 15 W pulsed, 7-8 W average

–Drive mode: external ACC constant current drive

–Cooling method: Forced Air Cooling

–Operating voltage: 12V DC

​–power supply: 12V 5A

–Shell material: Aluminum, Surface Anodized

–Module material: Copper

–Life Time:8,000hours

–Working temperature:-40-75Celsius

–All of our laser can cut plywood



画板 1




1*15000mw laser 40mm

1*3Pin laser cable

1*3Pin-4Pin laser cable

1*Safety Glasses



Note: When you get the package , please test it first, if it has problem, just contact me !

How to work:



15W 450nm Laser Head

15W 450nm Laser Head15W 450nm Laser Head1 (4)1 (2)how to use Focusing column

15W 450nm Laser Head03


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