10pcs Set of carbide Tungsten Steel Drill Bit CNC PCB


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0.35mm carbide Tungsten steel Drill Bit CNC PCB Drill Micro Bit

PCB drill with carbide (tungsten steel) material, with high hardness, high wear resistance, high strength, anti-bending,
anti-breakage, etc.

Material: Hard alloy (tungsten steel)
Size: 0.35mm
Suitable for circuit boards, electronic, SMT, mold, metal processing, telecommunications and other industries
Can be used for drilling iron, glass fiber, etc.

bit chip space is large: small chip resistance, chip and smooth, heat a small drill, drill reduce pollution;
extraordinary cutting edge sharpness: As a result of nanotechnology and advanced grinding technology, bit more sharp cutting edge than before, can reduce the cutting force, reduce the broken drill rate, improve the hole wall quality;
cutting edge strictly symmetrical: beneficial and efficient cutting, avoid offset drilling.

Package include:
10 x  0.35mm PCB CNC drill Bit

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0.35mm, 0.6mm, 1mm


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