TQFP LQFP EQFP QFP32 SMD 0.8mm to DIP32 Adapter PC



The PCB board has two sides.
A side for pin pitch size 0.80mm, It can be used to convert QFP32 (TQFP,LQFP,EQFP Body 7x7mm)  to DIP32 (600mil width, 2.54mm pin pitch).
B side  we have reserved a 0805 ground point for each pin. You can solder filter capacitors or resistors to increase stability and anti-jamming capability of the entire circuit.
The PCB board mounting 2.54mm pitch Pin Header, It can be plugged directly into 2.54mm pitch PCB board, breadboard and 600mil width 32 pin DIP socket.


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