Raspberry Pi 3B case 2020 mount 30mm Fan



Raspberry Pi 3B case Lots of interior air space and ventilation to accommodate heat-sinks.

  • Option to add a 30mm cooling fan, if desired.
  • Raspberry Pi 3B status lights should be visible when in the case.
  • The Micro SD memory card should be accessible when in the case. (Also flush with the main body, so it can be covered by tape or a label, if desired).

What this design does not currently include, is easy access to the I/O header on the Raspberry Pi. Vent holes could be cut-away if header access is desired. If I refine this design further, I may (or may not) add a header access door. The top of the case is also not quite as perfect a fit as i’d like; there’s room for improvement here, but every ‘clip’ or ‘tab’ I tried to add broke too easily, so that’s on the backlog if I ever re-visit this design.



To install a Raspberry Pi 3B into this case, you will need the following:
Four M2.5 x 8mm screws (M2.5 x 6mm will also work)

To install this on a 2020 (or similar) rail, you will need the following:
Two or more M4 x 8mm screws (M4 x 6mm should also work)
Two or more M4 hammer nuts

Installation steps Raspberry Pi 3B case:

• First, decide where and in what orientation you want to mount the case, and identify which mounting hole locations you will be using in the bottom of the case. Identify at least two mounting holes to use.

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