Parallel Charging Board for Lipos with T-Plug Style Connectors



  • Our Parallel Charging Board for Lipo allow you to charge and balance up to six battery packs simultaneously without a clutter of wires. Constructed from the highest quality materials, they give you the best connection possible every time you charge your batteries.
  • The board is already wired in parallel, all you need to do is plug your batteries’ charge and balance connectors to the board – ensuring that all the batteries are the same cell count. Each board can charge up to six batteries, from 2S up to 6S, at up to a 30A charge rate.
  • Parallel charging board For lipo balance charger, Such as Imax B6 B8 B6AC,UNA6,and other balance chargers.
  • Save your money, Save your time, 6AKKUS at One Time(2s-6s: 2s*6 or 3s*6 or 4s*6;5s or 6 or 6s*6),just take 1/6 of the customary time
  • You can connection in series 3 pcs this parallel charging board one time, that means you can charge max 18 pcs AKKUS at the same time.

 Charging Board 

  • Charge Input Connectors: Female T-plug
  • Balance Input Connectors: Female JST-XH (2S-6S)
  • Charge Output Connector: Female T-plug
  • Balance Output Connector: Male JST-XH (6S)
  • Wire Type: 12 AWG Silicone
  • Wire Length: 8″
  • Board Dimensions: 140x68x17mm


XT60 Parallel Balanced Charging Board 2-6S Lipo Pl


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