Otto+ with Arms – Tall and Matrix




Update now include Otto+arms libraries to install into Arduino IDE and 3 Otto+arms stretches, from Hien Phan examples for OttoDIY Extension for mBlock.

This is a larger Otto+ with arms to fit components easily, in this one there is a LED matrix.

3D Otto parts

1 Head rounded, with 2 types of Bodies with LED matrix on the inside or revealed through a hole, there are 3 types of detachable hands, that can hold things, like wands. There are 2 types of legs, short (normal size) and tall and the popular eye holder is at the bottom of list.


Legs have a thicker top, when you attach leg to hip servo the horn inside will be a tight fit, there is no movment. Due to this being a tighter fit you may need a file to open the slot where the servo horn goes through.

Feet have been given a thicker base to give more traction when Otto goes up and down and walking.

This is a advance Otto+ with LED Matrix and has been designed to work with OttodiyArms extension for mBlock, this is still being worked on with Hien Phan, creator of OttoDIY extension, with Luck we will have this working soon.

Parts list:

1x Arduino Nano atmega328
1x Arduino Nano I/O shield
1x HC SR04 Ultrasonic module
1x MAX7219 dot matrix module (blue)
1x Piezo 5volt buzzer
6x MG90 servos
12 Female to Female hook up wires
1 x 18650 2 Cell Holder

2 x 18650 Recharable battery
1x switch (off/on slider or push/click)

Schematic is in picture section and PDF for downloading.

mBlock details will be coming when Otto+Arms extension is completed.


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