ESC Servo Extension Cable 15cm, 30cm, 50cm & Y Type 30cm

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Servo Extension Cable Material:

Servo Y splitter is made from PVC and tin plating copper, environment-friendly, durable, heat and oxidation resistant.

3-Pin Design:

Featured with 3 pins and each has an angle in case you will install incorrectly, y servo extension is convenient to use.

 Male to Female:

With 2 female connectors on one side and 1 male connector on the other side, servo y connector allows you to drive two servos from one radio channel .

Wide Application:

Male to female extension cable is compatible with Futaba and JR Servo, remote control car, plane, helicopter and drones servo connection or receiver connection.

What is a servo plug called?
Hitec ‘S’ or Futaba ‘J’ are the common 0.1″ ones….if you Google “servo connector” you’ll find there are plenty of Chinese suppliers out there willing to sell ’em by the 1000. RC Man 07:19 PM Jan 09, 2013. They were designed by Futaba then became the standard. Futaba “J” connector is the official name.
How long can a servo cable be?
You CAN use just one power lead for multiple servos, as long as the wire guage is adequate. 58 inch run… the typical “heavy duty” extensions will be marginal for a standard 42 in-oz servo



CNC 3018,DIY Engraving Machine OR Pcb Milling Machine laser engraving GRBL control

Additional information

Cable Size

15cm, 30cm, 50cm, Y Type 30cm


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