Titan Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter Ampere Meter



Titan Digital Clamp Meter Ampere Meter

1) 3 1/2 digits LCD with a Max. Reading of 1999

2) Titan Clamp Meter has Diode and Buzzer function

3) Low battery indication

4) Overload protection

5) Data hold for easy reading

Specification of Titan Digital Clamp Meter:

1) DC voltage: 600V (?1.0%)

2) AC voltage: 450V ( ?1.2% )

3) OHM: 200K? (?1.0%)

4) ACA: 20-400A (?2.0%)

5) Power supply: (AAA) 1.5V?2

6) Data hold: YES

7) Dimension 150L?63W?27.5Hmm

Weight 121g

UNI T UNI-T Digital Clamp Meter UT201+ UT202+ UT203+ AC DC Current Amperimetro Tester Clamp Multimeter Resistance Frequency



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