DC 5V Brushless fan 50x50x12mm 2 wires


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DC 5V Brushless fan has been manufactured from plastic. Two 28cm long cables ended with a 2.54mm JST connector are responsible for the power supply. The rotational speed of the fan is 2580 RPM. Service life of the fan is 30000 working hours. The product has dimensions of 50 x 50 x 10 mm. Fan can be useful as cooling element for electronic parts of Raspberry Pi minicomputer or as a hotend of 3D printer.

Get ready for a cooling solution that’s both easy and effective. The DC 5V Brushless Fan 50x50x12mm is here to keep your devices from overheating. Its small size doesn’t compromise its strength – it’s perfect for tight spaces and a variety of cooling needs.

Small Yet Mighty:

This brushless fan is tiny at 50x50x12mm, but it packs a punch. You can fit it almost anywhere, making it great for all kinds of cooling situations.

Cooling Without the Fuss: The fan runs on a brushless motor, which means it sends out a steady stream of air that cools things down fast. Say goodbye to overheating worries, and keep your devices running smoothly.

Quiet Cooling Goodness: Don’t worry about noise – this fan keeps things cool without making a racket. You can enjoy peace and quiet while your devices stay nice and cool.

Simple Setup, Many Uses: Just connect two wires to a 5V power source, and you’re all set. It’s so easy to use. You can cool electronics, make 3D printers work better, or give your DIY projects a cooling boost.

Reliable Friend: You can trust this fan. It’s made to last, so you know it will keep working when you need it most. It’s like a loyal friend that always has your back.

Versatility in Cooling: Whether you’re a tech lover, a gamer, or someone who loves tinkering, this fan fits right in. It works for all sorts of cooling needs, adapting to what you require.

Key Features:
  • Small size of 50x50x12mm means it fits anywhere.
  • Uses a brushless motor to cool things down quickly.
  • Stays quiet while keeping things cool.
  • Easy setup with just two wires and a 5V power source.
  • Tough design ensures it works reliably for a long time.
  • Can be used for all sorts of things like electronics, 3D printers, and DIY projects.

Don’t let your devices get too hot. Grab the DC 5V Brushless Fan 50x50x12mm and keep them cool without any hassle. It’s the simple and smart way to make sure your devices stay in top shape.


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