BD139 NPN Bipolar Medium Power Transistor 80V 1.5A



BD139 is a three-layer NPN or PNP device within the working range, the collector current IC is a function of the base current IB, a change in the base current giving a corresponding amplified change in the collector current for a given collector-emitter voltage VCE.


  • Low saturation voltage
  • Simple drive requirements
  • High safe operating area
  • For low distortion complementary designs
  • Easy to carry and handle

Detailed Specifications:-

Transistor Polarity NPN
Collector−Emitter Voltage (VCEO) 80V
Collector−Base Voltage (VCBO) 80V
Continuous Collector Current (Ic) 1.5A
Continuous Base Current (Ib) 0.5A
DC Current Gain (hFE) 40-250
Operating Temperature Range -65 – 150°C
Power Dissipation (Pd) 12.5W
Thermal Resistance (ΘJA) 100°C/W
Thermal Resistance (ΘJC) 10°C/W


Package includes:

1 x BD139 NPN Bipolar Medium Power Transistor


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