3S 11.1V 2200mAh 35C LiPO battery T plug


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1. One of a kind 2200mAh 35C LiPO battery cathode fabricating innovation, proficient electrolyte equation, which produce high release stage battery;

2. Utilize new copper nickel plated post, incredibly diminishing the inner opposition of the battery, and to improve the high-rate release execution, low temperature release;

3. Receive proficient ultrasonic welding innovation, to guarantee the get together of high-rate release limit of the battery;

4. Battery discretionary sub gathering (limit, voltage, opposition) for guaranteeing the nature of the battery after the blend;

5. Have improved covered structure, the lower the inside obstruction of the battery, likewise improved high-current release capacity;

6. The items have passed CE, RoHS accreditation, quality is totally dependable.

Specifications 2200mah:

New: A shiny new, unused, unopened, intact thing (counting carefully assembled things). 2200mAh 35C LiPO battery

Brand: LION Power

Model: BT693

MPN: BT693

Capacity: 2200mAh

Number of Cells (S): 3s

Voltage: 11.1v Quantity: 1

Nation/Region of Manufacture: PAKISTAN Chemical Composition: LiPo

11.1V/3S 2200mAh 35C LiPO battery

Brand: LION Power

Thing No.: BT693

Voltage: 11.1V/3S

Steady Discharge: 35C/77A

Burst Discharge: 70C/154A

Size: (about) 105*32*23mm

Weight: (about) 180g

Sugest Charge Rate: <2C/4.4A

JST-XHR balance plug charge

T plug release

High vitality thickness

Shiny new and high caliber

Lightweight and high force


XT60 & T Plug Parallel & Series Battery Extension Connector

11.1V 3S 1500mAh 40C LiPO Battery T plug

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Lion Power 11.1Vh 2200mA 35C LiPo Battery BT688

3S 11.1V 2200mAh 35C LiPO battery T plug


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