3D Printer Creality Ender-5 Silent Motherboard



  • More stable printing: The dual Y-axis motion control system drives the high-quality stable output of the two-sided timing belt, effectively avoiding the shock caused by printing.
  • Built-in motherboard power supply: The wires are concentrated in the machine’s internal control according to circuit design, device specifications and heat dissipation.
  • Design: The body is simple and generous, enhance the Creality space of printing, and multi-field collaborative design of products.
  • Resume printing function: Automatically save the print record after power-off, continue printing after power-on, and improve the model print success rate.
  • Simple leveling method: The large hand-turning nut is ergonomically designed, and the leveling speed is fast, wich helps you get rid of the problem of being time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • Industrial circuit board: high-load safety inspection, stable performance, continuous operation for 200 hours without pressure.

Features of 3D Printer Creality Ender-5:

3D Printer Creality Ender-5 Dual Y-axis motion control system drive the timing belts on both sides to output stably, effectively avoiding printing oscillation.

The system will automatically save the printing records after power failure, and then continue to print while power on again.

Large adjusting nuts, which adopted ergonomic design, fast leveling speed, get rid of the time-consuming and energy-consuming problems of leveling.

Adopting soft magnetic sticker, replace the traditional texture paper and glue, remove the model easier and solve printing warping edge problem.

High standard V profile pulley, running stably and smoothly, low noise and good wear resistant. High precision MK-10 extruder, greatly reduces the risk of clogging and uneven extrusion.

Max. 220*220*300mm printing size, support various 1.75mm printing filaments like PLA,Wood,Carbon fiber,etc

Widely used in toy, architecture, furniture, education, medical, daily necessities and other fields.

Specifications of 3D Printer Creality Ender-5 :

Model: Ender-5

Plug: US/EU/UK/AU(optional)

Frame Material: Aluminum Profile

Power Supply:

-Input: 110/240V

-Output: DC 24V

Rated Power: 270W

Method: FDM

Printing Size: 220*220*300mm

Accuracy: ±0.1mm

Printing Speed: 60mm/s(Normal), 180mm/s(Max. )

Nozzle Number: 1

Nozzle Diameter: Standard 0.4mm

Layer Thickness: 0.1mm-0.4mm

XY Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.012mm

Heatbed Maximum Temperature: 110℃

Support Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

Filament Supported: PLA,Wood,Carbon fiber,etc

Working Mode: Online or TF card offline

TF Card: 8GB(Included)

File Format: STL,OBJ,AMF

Slice Software: Cura/Repetier-Host/Simplify 3D

Language: English/Chinese

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10,MAC,Linux

Machine Size: 55.2 * 48.5 * 51.0cm / 21.7 * 19.1 * 20.1in

Machine Weight: 11.8kg / 26.0lb

Package Size: 61.0 * 57.0 * 34.5cm / 24.0 * 22.4 * 13.6in

Package Weight: 14.2kg / 31.3lb

Package List:

1 * 3D Printer Set



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