3.5 Inch TFT Color LCD Display Screen Module


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Backing UNO and Mega2560 and other advancement board DIP, Without any wiring, all open source,  libraries offer

The backdrop illumination consistently on, can not control the backdrop illumination, backdrop illumination is associate with 3.3V

DC: 5V


The control and driving circuit of TFT modules is low voltage and  FRIDA miniaturized scale power CMOS circuit, can be effectively harmed by static, static harm is an unsalvageable harm, and some of the time human have many volts of high voltage friction based electricity, accordingly, in taking care of, collecting and use ought to be amazingly mindful so as to forestall electricity produced via friction:

1. Utilizing welding iron or  power FRIDA devices must be very much grounded and activity, make them without spillage;

2. Try not to utilize hand to contact the leads, circuit sheets and metal boxes;

3. Try not to utilize a vacuum cleaner for cleaning, since it creates solid friction based electricity;

4. At the point when the air is dry, can likewise create electricity produced via friction, along these lines, workshop stickiness  shall be above RH60%;

5. On the off chance that it is important to coordinate get in touch with it , should empower the human body in a similar potential with the modules? ,ormake  human body be all around grounded;

6. Evacuate or back in the sacks or move areas, likewise should be mindful so as to forestall friction based electricity. Try not to supplant or dispose of the first pressing.


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