20 Teeth 8mm M4 GT2 Pulley 2GT-20 Synchronous Pulley


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An all-aluminum timing belt pulley for GT2 belt (2 mm pitch) 6 mm wide (up to 6.35 mm wide).

This pulley has 20 teeth and an 8 mm bore.  A small number of NEMA 23 motors have shafts of this diameter.  The pulley can also be used to belt-drive M8 treaded rod or T8 trapezoidal leadscrew.

It has two M4 grub screws (at 90? to each other), which require a 1.5 mm hex key (Allen key).  The pulley is 17 mm long overall, has a 16 mm diameter hub, and a flange at the opposite end.  Unlike rubbish aluminum pulleys often found on eBay, which have a flat flange than can chafe the belt, this is a well-made pulley, with an embossed flange, slightly rounded on the side facing the belt, and the hub is also chamfered.


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