1M W1209 Temperature Sensor Probe Wire NTC 10K

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NTC thermistors are used in a wide variety of applications. W1209 Temperature Sensor Probe Temperature detection is the foundation for all advanced forms of temperature control. The temperature detection circuit itself monitors ambient temperature. It can then notify the system either of the actual temperature or, if the detection circuit is more intelligent, when a temperature control event occurs. When a specific high temperature threshold is exceeded, preventative action can be taken by the system to lower the temperature. An example of this is turning on a fan.

Similarly, a temperature detection circuit can serve as the core of a temperature compensation function. Consider a system such as liquid measuring equipment. Temperature, in this case, directly affects the volume measured. By taking temperature into account, the system can compensate for changing environment factors, enabling it to operate reliably and consistently.

Specification W1209 Temperature Sensor Probe:

  • Stainless steel sheath and waterproof
  • Measurement range: -20 to 105 °C
  • Length of wire: 1 meter
  • Size of probe: 5 x 25 mm
  • Output: 2 wires
  • Type: NTC 10k±1% 3950
  • measure environmental temperatures using arduino ADC and this 10k NTC LINK
  • Resistance to temperature conversion table LINK
  •  B-constant : 3380K -/+ 1%
  • Typical Dissipation Constant 5mW/ °C
  • Probe insulation: >100MOhm
  •  Peak Voltage sustain time: 2 seconds, AC1800V 1mA 2 seconds
  • Stress sustain: 9.8N (1kgF) for 1 minute no deformation

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