Ntc 103 Thermistor Temperature Sensor Resistor 10K


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  • Come with broad resistance range
  • Thermistor cost is economical
  • Provided with lacquer-coated thermistor disk
  • Copper leads have coating of tin.
  • Having lead spacing of 5.0 mm
  • Component remarked with resistance and tolerance
  • Good stability, durability in environment
  • Provide high accuracy in resistance and B-constant
  • Product is not containing lead

Technical Specifications

  • Resistance at 25 degrees C: 10K +- 1%
  • B-value (material constant) = 3950+- 1%
  • Dissipation factor (loss-rate of energy of a mode of oscillation) δ th = (in air)approx.7.5mW/K
  • Thermal cooling time constant <= (in air) 20 seconds
  • Thermistor temperature range -55 °C to 125 °C


Important Parameters

1. Zero-power Resistance of Thermistor: (R)

The convenient reference point for thermistors provided by resistance is at 25 °C (substantially at room temperature).The formula by which the resistance of the thermistor is specified:

R=R0 expB (1/T-1/T0)

Where, R = Resistance in ambient temperature T (K)

R0 = Resistance in ambient temperature T0 (K)

B = Material constant


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