12V RGB LED infrared remote 24 key 3528 5050 IR44 with 5M Led Strip

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12V RGB LED controller 24 key 3528 5050 remote IR44

Infrared 24 key colorful controller
Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ +60 ° C
Power supply voltage: 12V
Working power: <72W 5050RGB light strip can carry 5 meters
Remote control: Infrared frequency 38K, receiving distance <10m

What is RGB LED controller?
RGB LED controllers work on a much simpler principal. They alter the power on each of the three channels (red, green and blue) to create a specific colour mix. … Mixing blue and red light will give you the purple you are looking for.
Does any remote work for LED lights?
Answer: Yes, One remote can control multiple receivers, you need to match code with each receiver firstly,following the steps: . Correct connection led strip light, make work normal.

Main feature OF 12V RGB LED controller :
1 Compact appearance, light weight, remote control with 24 buttons, easy to use, functional mode at a glance, very intuitive;
2 The wiring is simple in use, adopts infrared remote control, and the remote control has universality;
3 With length setting function, built-in multiple modes to choose from, with power-down memory function.

package contents
1x IR remote
1x 12V Driver


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Additional information


Only Remote, Only 5M Led Strip Roll, Both


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