ZOP Power 11.1V 2800mAh 30C 3S Lipo Battery


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Introducing the ZOP Power 2800mah 3S Lipo Battery – your reliable power source for various electronic gadgets. This battery is popular among remote control fans and drone flyers due to its convenience and good performance.

Strong and Long-lasting: With a 2800mAh capacity, this LiPo battery delivers strong and lasting power. It’s perfect for remote control cars and drones, providing more playtime without losing power quickly.

Lightweight and Efficient: The LiPo tech keeps it light while still holding lots of energy. This means your drones can fly longer and your devices stay active for more time.

Works with Many Devices: The ZOP Power 2800mah 3S Lipo Battery fits well with lots of electronic gadgets. It’s great for remote control cars, drones, and more. It’s a handy choice for people who like hobbies and fun.

Safe to Use: Safety is important, so this battery has safeguards to stop it from overcharging, overusing, and causing short circuits. You can use it without worrying about problems.

For More Fun: Whether you’re new to remote control stuff or have done it for a while, the ZOP Power 2800mAh LiPo Battery adds extra fun. You can do more with your devices and play with them even longer. Specially designed & manufactured for your high-quality RC

Get ready for more excitement with the 2800mah 3S Lipo Battery. It’s not just strong – it’s reliable power that’s ready when you need it. So, get set for more adventures with this battery and make the most out of your electronic toys.


1. If the temperature exceeds 65 degrees Celsius during
operation, the battery should be suspended until it cools
naturally to ambient temperature. Higher temperatures can cause
batteries to expand and degrade performance.
2. Please store the battery in a place with low humidity and no
corrosive gas.
3. Do not remove the battery under any circumstances.


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