Pocket Sized 4 DOF Robotic Arm Unassembled



4 DOF Robotic Arm is a low cost robot arm. It is designed to be light weight and inexpensive – to be the perfect introduction to robotics. You can cut, print or even whittle (carve from wood)

This version has a number of improvements over the v0.3 and now has support for the Arduino and Raspberry Pi.



The v0.4 is a tweaked step up from the v0.3.
Full build instructions at instructables!

Parts list differs slightly from v0.3 and has been recently revised (previous v0.4 counts in brackets). We think this is now the optimal loadout, most tolerant to the differences in the thickness of acrylics as supplied by perspex.

Nut x 10
6mm x 9 (was 11)
8mm x 12 (was 13)
10mm x 3
12mm x 7 (was 6)
20mm x 4


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