Micro HDMI Cable for Raspberry Pi 4



This is raspberry pi 4 Micro HDMI Cable by which you can easy to connect with Raspberry pi 4 any version Raspberry pi 4 1GB, Raspberry pi 4 2GB, Raspberry pi 4 4GB. Also Simply connect the one end of the HDMI cable into one of your TVs HDMI input ports and then connect the other end into your HD device’s output ports.

What is a micro HDMI port?
Micro-HDMI (HDMI type D) is a miniaturized version of the High Definition Multimedia Interface specification. That capacity allows the user to connect their mobile devices to HDMI-compatible audiovisual devices, such as computer monitors, digital televisions and video projectors.
Is micro HDMI the same as micro-USB?
The micro HDMI jack appears similar to a micro-USB connector. However, both connectors have different functions and the micro HDMI cable cannot be connected to the charging port.
To utilize this technology for the connection of your phone with a Micro-USB port and your HDMI TV, the most efficient way is to use a MHL adapter, which carries a Micro USB plug on one end as well as a HDMI port on the other.

Supported Devices:

For All Raspberry Pi 4 variants 1GB,2GB,4GB any other device which has a micro HDMI port.

Package included:

1 x Mini Micro HDMI Cable To HDMI Cable 180 Centimeters/1meter



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