M68 White Tough ABS Like Non-yellowing 3D Printer Resin (1kg)


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M68 is known for its rigidity and toughness, and it is a white and non-yellowing material. The mechanical properties of the printed parts are comparable to tough thermoplastics, allowing holes to be drilled, screws to inserted, and other high stress modifications, making it ideal for producing functional parts that will experience long term static load, transient stress or strain, but it is not suitable for underwater applications. Additionally, it is deeply loved by artists, toy producers, architects, 3D printing service providers, and others due to its beautiful pure white appearance.


  • Figure toys
  • Action figures
  • Protective shells
  • Functional parts
  • Art works
  • Architectural models
  • Assembly parts
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Snap-fit design











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