Logic Probe LP2800 in Pakistan


Logic Probe LP2800

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A high-quality logic probe for use with TTL, DTL and CMOS integrated circuits. The probe contains a memory function that can detect the occurrence of single pulses or logic level. A single shot and low repetition rate of pulses that are almost impossible to see even with a rapid oscilloscope are easily perceptible and visible. The probe has three LEDs, red for the high logic level, green for the low logic level and yellow for pulses. The intensity of the LED is directly proportional to the duty cycle of the observed signal. All single pulses or pulse trains of 30ns to 500ms are recognized.

The probe includes cables with approx. 500mm finished in duas red and black staples. In use, the red clip must connect to the positive of the tested circuit, and the black to the negative. When making the connection, the yellow LED may blink once or twice, but if blinking continuously, the power supply has excessive ripple.

With the switch in “TTL” position a + 5V supply must be used, but in “CMOS” position the voltage can be between + 3V and + 18V DC.


  • Input impedance: 1 Mohm
  • Maximum input frequency: 17 MHz
  • Logical port sizes: TTL. DTL e CMOS
  • Logic 1 (red LED) followed by sound warning. 2.3 V ± 0.2 V 70% Vcc
  • Logic 0 (green LED) followed by audible warning. 0.8 V ± 0.2 V 30% Vcc
  • Over voltage protection: ± 220 V DC / AC for 15 seconds
  • Pulses (yellow LED)


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