Ew-56 56 Egg Full Automatic Egg Incubator Plastic Box


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EW-56 Automatic Egg incubator Specs:
Model NO: EW-56
Condition: New
Material: PVC
Color: Yellow and Transparent
Egg Turning
Automatic Temperature Control
Automatic Humidity Control :0.1% Rh
Touch Switches: Easy to Operation
High Hatching Rate :More Than 96%
Automatic Temperature Control: 0.1
Voltage: 12V, 110V, 220V
Transport Package: Carton Package with Foam Inside
HHD(Howard) : Egg Incubator

EW-56 Automatic Egg Incubator Description

56 Eggs New Model Automatic Chicken Egg Incubator Machine price
Holding 56 Eggs New Model Automatic Chicken Egg Incubator Machine Price

Capacity: 56 Eggs
Usage: Chicken,Quail,Duck,Bird
Power: 80 W
Voltage: 12V,110V,220V-240V,12V&220V
Weight: 5KG
Dimension(L*W*H): 50*54*32CM CM
Egg Turner: Automatic Per 2 Hours
Lid: Full Transparent
Alarm: Temperature&Humiditity Alarm
Certificate: CE Approved

1. Full automatic egg turning.
2. Automatic temperature and humidity control.
3. Hatching rate>95%
4. High reliability and quality.
5. The complete set of machine includes main control system, egg  tray, tank body, accessory equipment, incubator trays and hatcher baskets.
6. All the machines are delivered after installation and trial running.
7. Warranty: three years for microcomputer one,one year for others.
Holding 56 Eggs New Model Automatic Chicken Egg Incubator Machine Price

The product function of chicken incubator

1)Automatic egg turner

2)High and low temperature alarm, high and low humidity alarm

3)Recorded days of incubation

4)External add water with free water dropper

5)Top cover is transpar e nt and easy to observe

6)Easy to operate.Automatic temperature and humidity control

The information of  chicken incubator

1.Automatic chick incubator milies and specialized.
2.After opening the packing box, please read the instruction.book carefully and obey all the   operation and explanation items.
3.Don’t put this machine outdoors, in the rain or humid places.


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