FPV Racer 250mm Quadcopter Frame in ABS & PLA

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Racer 250mm Quadcopter Frame This is 3D printed Modals both available in ABS and PLA
Both FlorentF31’s design and the original Sigan 180 quad are great design’s but found that I had to tweak / scale them to get it into my printers build volume, that along with wanting to use 22XX motors I was needing a more “modular” design.

Racer 250mm Quadcopter Frame

after yet another… test landing (crash) it highlighted that the motor mounts were a little weak without the support of the top casing, I have added 2 new files that now add a power strut around the motor mounts and down the arm, adding strength to the arm and doubling as landing skids.. win win.. have fun flying.

~added a remixed of the ZMR tilt gimbal to fit a tower pro SG90 servo cos that’s what I had laying around
~changed the camera holder slightly to allow small screws to be used to mount the camera to the holder
~ changed the left and right side supports so no 5mm aluminium spacer is needed the top has a hex insert space for a 3mm nut while the bottom allows a m3x8mm cap head screw to be placed and a nut can then be used to secure the gimbal assembly to top case plate.
~added FPV top plate with cut-out for lens

Mini Drone Quadcopter Frame For 220

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