CNC V-slot Bearing Openbuilds Wheel POM MR105ZZ 625ZZ



CNC V-slot Bearing Openbuilds Wheel POM MR105ZZ 625ZZ Bore 5mm Passive Round Gear Perlin Wheel Pulley 3D Printer Parts. This is all about a type of wheel that plays a big role in how 3D printers work. The wheel is made from a special material called delrin, which is really good for this job.

Now, these wheels have different kinds of bearings. You might wonder, what’s a bearing? Well, it’s like a small part that helps things move smoothly. These wheels are used in many important things like gear wheels, eyeglass frames, and even things like ski bindings, guns, and more.

But here’s the cool part – they’re super useful in 3D printers! You know, those machines that can make things you design on a computer? Well, 3D printers have special places where these wheels fit perfectly. Usually, regular nuts might not stay tight because of all the shaking and moving. But these wheels have something called lock nuts. These lock nuts make sure the wheels stay in place, even when things are shaking.

So, when you see these wheels, know that they’re not just any wheels – they’re like the helpers behind the scenes, making things work smoothly and perfectly!”

Features of CNC V-slot Bearing Wheel POM MR105ZZ 625ZZ:

  • These wheels have a special V groove design, perfect for v-slot and v guide systems.
  • Available in stylish Black and Silver colors.
  • Made from strong materials: POM (a durable plastic) and Metal.
  • Inner Hole Diameter is 5mm, fitting nicely in various setups.


  • Part of POM Size: 15.5 x 9 mm / 0.61 x 0.35 inch (Outer Diameter*Height)
  • Total Height: 9 mm / 0.35 inch

These features make these wheels great for different systems, and their smart design ensures smooth operation.


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