Arduino Human Following Robot Full Working


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How to Work Arduino Human Following Robot

Human following robot uses technique to follow a human within a specific range. In this case, communication between the human and the robot is the most significant factor where sensors and techniques are used such as human’s target detection, robot control algorithm and obstacles avoidance, ultrasonic sensors, voice recognition sensors, laser range sensors, charge- coupled device (CCD) camera and so on. This is a robot that follows you. Robot has an ultrasonic remote that controls the motion of robot. This is an innovative concept in robotics to play with and have fun. The kit can be easily assembled in minutes with the screws and ties included in the kit. After the assembly the robot is ready to follow you with the ultrasonic remote in hand.

Arduino Human Following Robot  Features:

Innovative robotic concept. When you come near to the robot starts to follow you. there are 4 wheels in the robot. and 4 motors attached to the chassis. now there are three sensors on the robot one is an ultrasonic sensor and two ir sensor which arranges like two or sensors left and right to the ultrasonic sensor. and when you put your hand near to the ultrasonic sensor the robot will start forward. and if you turn your hand to the left side the Robot moves on the left side, and if you put your hand in the right the robot will move in the right direction. so, how the whole system works we will talk about this. when you put your hand in from of the ultrasonic sensor then the sensor detects you and sends this information to the Robot.


Here’s the Parts List include:

1) Arduino Uno
2) Motor Driver Shield
3) Wheels (4x)
4) TT Gear Motor (4x)5) Servo Motor –
6) Ultrasonic Sensor
7) Infrared Sensor (2x)
) 18650 Li-on Battery (2x)
7) 18650 Battery Holder
8) Male and Female Jumper wire
9) Acrylic Sheet
10) DC Power Switch



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