A4022 Computer Usb Keyboard Vacuum Esclector Cleaner With Brush



Description of Keyboard Vacuum Esclector Cleaner :

Simply connect to usb ports on laptops or computers.

Includes two Keyboard Vacuum Esclector Cleaner accessories, one for a hard brush attachment and the other for a flexible rubber keyboard tool attachment.

Note: Two switch levels-slide the switch to the first level to turn on the led light and slide the switch to the second level to open the vacuum cleaner.

Use keyboard attachment rubber to remove dust and other particles under the keyboard key by sliding the squeeze tube between the keys.

No external power supply is required and can be inserted directly into any usb port.

Attached : 1 x keyboard cleaner 2 clean annexes

2000mah 18650 Rechargeable Battery CELL 3.7V

3.1 Type C Data Transferring Charging Cable


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