3.7V 100maH Smallest Micro Lithium Polymer Battery for Airpods



The 3.7V Micro Battery for Airpods Newest smallest battery size Rechargeable Micro Lithium Polymer Battery series for wearable applications in 2023. The smallest battery size with the diameter of 4.5mm to 12mm, and the thickness of 4mm to 23mm.
The high energy density and higher working voltage meet 3.7V so that the capacity meets 18mAh to 65mAh in limited space.
3.7V Micro Battery for Airpods the best power solution for small applications such as a headset, IoT, GPS, medical, cordless sensors, Bluetooth headsets, Smart toys, Smartwatch… because of its lower self-discharge current & longer standby time.

Those Small Micro Lithium Polymer Batteries can use for medical devices, the popularity of small medical devices reflects the new demands of the health and wellness industry, and the development of small medical devices will also change the face of the health industry.

Package Include:

1x 3.7 0.1Wh Lithium Battery

18650 Rechargeable Battery Cell 3.7V 1200 mAH Li-ion


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