3.6V 500mA USB Charger Cable with SM-2P Plug for 3.6V Nicd NiMH


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  • USB 3.6v USB Charger NiMH Charger adapter Cable with SM-2P Plug for 3.6V AAA or AA Ni-CD or Ni-MH Battery
  • Output :Charge Voltage 3.6V 250 mAh, Input DC 5V, Port: SM-2P 2 pin plug.
  • Package include: 2 USB Charger cable. only.
  • The cheapest way to charge a nickel metal hydride battery is to charge at C/10 or below (10% of the rated capacity per hour). So a 100 mAH battery would be charged at 10 mA for 15 hours. This method does not require an end-of-charge sensor and ensures a full charge.
  • High performance battery chargers with a minimum charge rate of 4 to 5 amps are required to completely charge some of today’s high-capacity (3000 – 5000 mah) NiCad and NiMH batteries in one cycle.
  • Overcharged NiMH batteries can heat up very quickly, rising to temperatures that could damage either the battery or the electronics in the charging unit. To counteract this danger, some quick chargers are designed with a fan to keep the batteries cool.
  • The lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO
    ) or LFP battery (lithium ferrophosphate), is a type of lithium-ion battery using LiFePO
    as the cathode material (on a battery this is the positive side), and a graphitic carbon electrode with a metallic backing as the anode. The energy density of LiFePO
    is lower than that of lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO
    chemistry, and also has a lower operating voltage. The main drawback of LiFePO
    is its low electrical conductivity.
  • NiMH charger can also charge NiCd; a NiCd charger would overcharge NiMHDo not leave a nickel-based battery in the charger for more than a few days
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