Buck Boost Converter 4A Module With LCD Display Pakistan


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Buck Boost Converter 4A Module LCD input and output voltage, output current output power;
Input anti-reverse protection, reverse connection will not burn;
Can be step-up and step-down, the output voltage 0.5-30V arbitrary regulation, limiting the current 0-4A arbitrary regulation Buck Boost Converter 4A Module.

What does a buck boost converter do?
What does a buckboost converter do? The main objective of a buckboost converter is to receive an input DC voltage and output a different level of DC voltage, either lowering or boosting the voltage as required by the application.
What is the difference between buck and boost converter?
In PV applications, generally, a Buck converter is used to charge the battery (since the output from a Buck converter is supposed to be less than its input), while a Boost converter is used to “match the load voltage” from the (supposedly) low voltage PV input.

Output anti-intrusion, the battery charge without additional anti-reflux diodes;
Button control output ON / OFF status, and you can set the power-on default is ON or OFF;
Ascending and descending chip used as the main controller, external 60V 75A MOS tube as a switch, double 60V 5A SS56 Schottky rectification, 60V voltage value, superior to the market immature XL6009 / LM2577 program (a lot Device pressure value is not enough, MOS tube and Schottky diode pressure value must be greater than the input plus input voltage value);
Output ripple small, LC filter;
With heat sink, send module support isolation column.

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