ATMEGA2560 Mirco USB Development Board CH340G for Arduino MEGA 2560 Pro



Arduino MEGA 2560 MINI Embedded version of Mega 2560 CH340G / ATmega2560-compatible with Arduino Mega 2560 board. Built in ATmega2560 Atmel microcontroller and CH340G USB-UART interface chip.

The plate has a compact size of 38x55mm. It is a good solution, to make your final project in proto-board welding.

Plate for functionality similar to Arduino Mega 2560. It is an embedded plate, but just as stable, and uses the original ATmega2560 (16 MHz) chips.

The board used the CH340G chip Arduino MEGA 2560 MINI as a UART-USB converter. When you work on the 12 MHz frequency, giving a stable result of the exchange of data (it is necessary to install drivers in the computer).

Mega PRO (Embed) 2560 CH340G / ATmega2560-connects to the computer through the microUSB cable (used for almost all Android smartphones).

You can supply power on board through the MicroUSB connector or to power the heads. The voltage regulator (LDO) can treat the incoming voltage from 6 V to 9 V (peack 18 V) DC. Output current for 5 V-around 3.3 Ma, for V-approximately 800 mA (keep in mind that the higher the input voltage, the lower the outgoing current). That will provide reliable power for most of your initial projects.

Form factor-Mega PRO,
Microcontroller-ATmega 2560 (16 MHz),
USB-UART-CH340G interface (12 MHz),
input voltage-6-9 V (peack 18 V),
PC-MicroUSB connection socket
70 digital I / O,
16 analog entries
14 PWM …
4 UART bus.

Package Included:
1PC*MEGA 2560 Pro Embedded USB CH340G ATMEGA2560-16AU Chip for arduino Mega 2560



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