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  • Brand new
  • Color: as picture shows
  • Structure: fixed capacitors
  • Kinds: aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • Power: 1/4 W
  • Size: approx. 11 x 3mm/0.43 x 0.11” (L x Dia)
  • Resistance: 10 ohm – 1M ohm
  • Quantity: 200pcs (10pcs in each type)
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Very convenient and practical
  • Very popular among the electronic lovers
200pcs 20 Value 1W 5% Resistors Resistance Assortment Kit 10 ohm – 1M ohm Set
10Ω 22Ω 47Ω 100Ω 220Ω
470Ω 680Ω 1KΩ 2.2KΩ 4.7KΩ
6.8KΩ 10KΩ 22KΩ 47KΩ 68KΩ
100KΩ 220KΩ 470KΩ 680KΩ 1MΩ

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1 OHM, 1K OHM, 1.5K OHM, 1M OHM, 10 OHM, 10K OHM, 100 OHM, 100K OHM, 220 OHM, 22K OHM, 220K OHM, 2.2M OHM, 33 OHM, 330 OHM, 3.3K OHM, 47 OHM, 470 OHM, 4.7K OHM, 47K OHM, 470K OHM

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